Centralized College Portal


   College Admin

       Login with the Username and Password provided to the College Admin.

In case you have not yet recieved username and password for College Admin please send a request to Digital Wing from your College uoc mail ID.

   Principal & Teachers

       Login with the Username and Password received in the Email given at the time of User Registration.

       Read FAQ to know the steps to reset/resend your password.

College Basic Details

   Edit College Basic Details

       Go To Departments->College -> Click on Edit College Details link and fill the form and Save.


   Register User

Click Users --> Register User --> New User

       Create Principal and Teachers users by entering the basic details.
       Username for Principal and Teachers will be sent to the E-mail address given at the time of User Registration. .
        Login with the Username and Password received in mail and complete the Basic Profile and Teacher Profile.

Check Spam/All Inbox folders in the registered Email. In case a teacher has not receieved username and password after registration first check whether the email Id given is correct. Principal or College Admin can Edit the Email Id of Teachers. To get the username and password click Forgot Password and reset the password.

   User Profile

       Edit Basic Details, Edit Banking Details

Approve Teacher Profile

   Pricipal should verify the profile of each teachers and Approve it. Only the details of approved teachers will be sent to the College Development Council and concerned sections in the University.


       Principal should log on to Principal Account first using the username password of Principal.Click View Teachers in the College Home Menu. Click on View Details (Eye Icon Button) of a teacher, verify the details entered by the teacher and click Approve button. The upper right corner of the window shows the name of the Principal, make sure the name of the Principal is shown there to get the Approval feature activated. In case there is no active Principal added to the teachers list College Admin user can do the Approval.


   First Login to the Teacher Account (using the username and password received in teacher's Email given at the time of User Registration) and complete User Profile and Teacher Profile of each teachers.

Click Users --> User Profile and complete the user profile.

Click Users --> Teacher Profile and complete the teacher profile.

   Add Teacher Details

       Enter details --> Save, to Edit open the same link Enter details --> Save

   Add Qualification Details

       Enter details & Save.

   Edit/Delete Qualification Details

      Add Qualification Details--> Right Side table shows already entered qualification details.
      Click on Delete link of the corresponding row. Add new details.

   Experience Details

       Add Experience Details, Edit/Delete – Delete the subject taught of the Experience first to delete the Experience.

   Subject Details

      Add/Edit/Delete Teaching Subject Details.

Upload Photo

      Click Users--> Teacher Profile --> View Profile . Click Upload Photo and upload your photo.

Edit After Principal Approval

 Once the Teacher profile is approved by Principal edit options will be disabled.
Contact CDC dcdc@uoc.ac.in with the teacher ID and details to cancel the approval to enable edit. You may approve again after the edit is completed.

College Officers

   Add College Officers

       Go To Departments->College -> Click on Add College Officer link and fill the form.

   Edit/Delete College Officers

Go to Add College Officer-->select the College Officer Category--> A table with the list of Officers in the selected Category will appear with Officer name and Edit button.
Click Edit Button to make any changes.
Click Delete Button and confirm to delete.

Non-Teaching Staffs

   Add Non-Teaching Staffs

       Go To Departments->College -> Click on Add Non-Teaching Staffs link and fill the form.

   Edit Non-Teaching Staffs details

      Click on Add Non-Teaching Staffs link. A table with already added details will be shown in the right side, click the Edit button to edit the details.

Research Department

   Add Research Department

       Go To College Home and Click on Add Research Department link and fill the form.

Academic Year Based Details

   Add Academic Year Based Details

       Go To College Home and Click on Add Academic Year based Details link and fill the form.

View Details

   View Teachers

       College Home --> View Teachers. --> View Details.

   View Course List

       College Home --> View Course List.

       Please contact CDC for any queries regarding affiliation and list of courses updated. College Course lists are updated by CDC as per the affiliation.

Teacher Transfer ,Relieve and Promotion.

1. Click View Teacher --> Click View Details of the Teacher.

Below the principal approval date you can find Relieve this Teacher Button. Please note this option will be shown to the approved profiles only. Principal should first approve the profile of the teacher.

2. Click Relieve this Teacher Button--> select the Relieve Date (same for promotion) and Select Remarks – RETIRED/RESIGNED/TRANSFERRED/PROMOTED.

In case of TRANSFERRED you have to select the College which the teacher is transferred to.

In case of PROMOTED you have to select the new Designation (promoted to) and new joining date.

3.Click Relieve/Transfer/Promote Button.

Add Teacher By Transfer

1. Click Users-->Register User-->By Transfer

2. List of teachers transferred to your college will be shown if any.

3. Click Add this Teacher to your College

4. Select Designation, Category and Joining Date and click Submit.

5. Click View Teachers and check the list to confirm the Transferred teacher is added to your College.

Note: Username and Password of the transferred teacher will remain the same.

List of Relieved/Promoted teachers are shown in a separate table below the teachers list in View Teachers link.

Add Relieved/Resigned Teacher to your College(Existing College Portal User)

1. Click Register User --> Existing Portal User-->

2. Enter the Teacher ID, Email, Mobile and Aadhaar number to verify the Relieved Teacher. Teacher Name and details will be shown in another form, select Designation, Category and Joining Date in the given form and click Submit to add Teacher to your College.

Click View Teachers check the list to confirm.

Payment & Application for new Affiliation

       Instructions for uploading documents for additional affiliation of programmes in existing colleges.

1. Affidavit in prescribed format attested by Notary in stamp paper worth Rs. 200/- Format is available in the official website of CDC

2. Challan receipt towards affilation fee as per following University Orders.
a) U.O.No 4553/2019/Admn dated 27.03.2019
b) U.O. No.6785/2019/Admn dated 25.05.2019

3. Copies of Administratve sanction and No objection Certificate obtained from Government and approval order from apex bodies,if any should be uploaded.

4. All documents should be uploaded in PDF format with a maximum size of 2 MB

5. Hard copy of the documents need not be forwarded.

6. The Colleges which uploaded required documents should inform the matter via e-mail to 'cdcnp2021@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1.At the time of registering a teacher (User Registration) E-mail Id was given wrong and could not get the username and password of the teacher. What can we do now?

Ans. Principal or College Admin can Edit your Email ID. Login to Principal or College Admin Account, Go to College Home(Departments->College) --> Click on View Teachers. Click Edit link in teachers list. Edit Email and Mobile and Save. After your email id is edited, you have to click on Forgot Password in the Login page and reset your password.

  2. I have forgotten my password. How can I reset the password now? / I cannot login to the College Portal due to the error “Invalid login credentials!”

 Ans. It seems you have forgotten your password or you may be entering the password incorrectly (Check Caps Lock and Nums Lock on your keyboard). Make sure you enter the spelling correctly. To Reset Password -  Click Forgot Password in Login Page. Enter your registered email ID and Mobile number and click Reset Password. You will receive new password in the registered Email ID.
To Reset the Password :
1. Click Forgot Password.
2. Enter the registered Email ID and Mobile number of the user and click the Reset Password Button.
3. Your new password will be sent to the registered Email.

To Reset the Password of College Admin User:
1. Click Forgot Password.
2. Enter the registered Email ID and Mobile number of the College and click the Reset Password Button .
3. The College Admin Password will be reset and sent to your College Email ID.
Note : You College Email ID and Mobile number is shown in the College Home after login. This is shown to all the users in the College.

  3. Username and Password not received after a teacher is registered. How to get the Username and Password?

 Ans. Username and Password will be sent to the email ID given at the time of registration. Please check whether you have given a wrong email Id or made any spelling mistake. College Admin and Principal can edit your Email ID.
Click forgot Password and Reset your Password if you have not received username and password.
Please make sure you check All the Inbox and Spam folders.

4. I have selected wrong Faculty at the time of User Registration and I have got username and Teacher ID with wrong Faculty Code. Can I Edit it now?

Ans. Faculty ID is auto generated and it cannot be edited. If you want to change the Faculty College Admin/Principal have to delete the User Registration and Register again with the correct details.

5. How can we enter the Teacher details after registering a Teacher?

Ans. Each teacher will get a username and password to their registered Email Id (Email Id provided at the time of User Registration). Each teacher should first log in using the username and password recieved and then complete their Profile.

6. Who can approve the teacher profile before sending it to the Univeristy?

Ans. Only Principal can approve the teacher profile. Once the profile is verified and approved by the Principal it cannot be modified by the teacher.

7. What are the steps to approve a teacher profile?

Steps to Approve Teacher Profile: Login to Principal Profile first.
1. Click View Teachers link to see the list of teacher.
2. Click View Details to view the complete profile of a teacher.
3. Verify the details entered by the teacher and Click Approve button if all the details are entered by the teacher.
Note : Once approved by the Principal the teacher cannot modify his/her profile.
status will be shown with the date of approval once the profile is approved.

   Digital Wing : digitalwing@uoc.ac.in; 0494 - 2407204

Please add "College Portal" in the subject line.